GeoThermHydro offers the best Icelandic know-how in geothermal energy, hydropower, and power line design and construction. The Company’s capability covers the whole spectrum of the market’s requirements and as such seeks to be your power project collaborator.

GeoThermHydro was established with the aim to provide specialized services in Latin America. The Company has an office located in Santiago de Chile that will constitute the business platform covering the requirements of the Latin American renewable energy development market. GeoThermHydro is a company established trough the cooperation of two Icelandic world class service and consulting companies possessing wide ranging international experience: Iceland GeoSurvey and Verkís

The two constituent companies forming GeoThermHydro are leading multidisciplinary consulting firms, which provide specialized services to the power industry, particularly in the field of geothermal utilization, hydropower and power distribution. Their combined staff comprises some 450 employees, many of whom are world class specialists with decades of experience in geothermal-and hydropower research and development, construction management, as well as transfer of knowledge. They have provided the scientific and development know-how for most of the power plants in Iceland in recent decades. Their services range from research and other pre-investment work to complete plant design and construction. The companies are dedicated to the development and promulgation of Green Energy.

More than half a century of experience has been amassed within the two companies, thanks to the early ground breaking work of the Icelandic scientific community in harnessing its natural resources in an environmentally benign manner.

Through this cooperation, GeoThermHydro is able to provide most of the services needed for renewable energy projects, transforming them from a Greenfield study to a power producing unit, connected to power grids, and also providing energy for direct applications.